Foreign Language School

School Profile

Foreign Language School attached to Guangxi Normal University (FLS) is the only foreign language school authorized by the Education Department of Guangxi. FLS is one of the Model Ordinary High School of Guangxi Province and enjoys many honors, including Distinctive Model School of Guangxi Province, and National Qualified Foreign Language School. Moreover, it's the National Practice Base for Chinese International Popularization. FLS is worthy of its reputation as FLS is a cradle of talents.

The school is located in Guilin, China -- a world-known tourist and historical city. FLS was established in 1984 with the old name -- the No.2 Secondary School Attached to Guangxi Normal University. In 1994, with the consent of Guangxi Education Department, it was renamed as the Experimental Foreign Language School Attached to Guangxi Normal University, and in 2001 it was officially named Foreign Language School Attached to Guangxi Normal University. Under the administration of Guangxi Normal University, it became a school ran by the local people and subsidized by the government in 2005. Mr. Wen Guotao is the current president of Foreign Language School.

FLS has about 500 teaching and administrative staff, including about 320 full-time teachers. Coming from 25 different provinces and cities all around China, our teachers naturally form a high quality teaching team under the teaching code of respecting work, loving students, enjoying and being good at teaching. Today, 4,211 FLS students form an all boarding school, which covers junior (45 classes), senior (25 classes) levels and an international department.

After years of education and practice, the school idea Foreign language first, balanced with Arts and Science, develop characteristics and an aim to world has always been inherited. The training target To learn how to be a true person, to learn how to study, to learn how to live, to learn how to co-operate, to learn how to build our health and to learn how to create has been insisted on teaching. These two ideas help to explore a new road in a unique education.

Over the past 29 years, the prominent achievements we've made have returned us great reputation in Guangxi. Especially in the previous 17 years' A-line-rate, undergraduate-line-rate, and the composite score in college and high school entrance examinations, we've consecutively ranked the first in Guangxi. Meanwhile, 110 students in total have been accepted into Tsinghua University and Beijing University. Additionally, FLS has cultivated over 1,000 students for prestigious universities both at home and abroad. Over the years, we have ranked top in Guilin in the high school entrance examinations and unified examinations.

Our school has become a window for educational exchange in the local area and external exchange towards to the outside. In the last decade, our school has successively sent delegates to many countries and regions, including America, Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, for visit and communication. To date, we've established a sound relationship with various middle schools in America, Germany, and other countries, and over 20 mutual visits have successfully been made between schools.

In recent years, our school has won high national and provincial honor in party and government construction, teaching and education, scientific management, research and innovation. Our school has become a famous foreign language school for a huge scale, distinct feature, high quality and good reputation. The school will continue striving to be recognized as one of the elite, first-class foreign language schools in China.